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Director, Broker, Insurance Advisor
Paul Lewis

Paul has been helping people for over three decades and still hasn’t burnt out.

He has amassed decades of experience across multiple sectors of the Financial Services industry since 1988. Paul holds a General Advisory License and has a depth of experience and understanding which goes well beyond the scope of a regular Mortgage Broker.

The world of finance can be confusing for some, even overwhelming. Paul has the ability to work his experience and knowledge to your needs and deliver easy to understand solutions. Put simply, he’ll tell you what you can do, how you can do it and get it done for you.

Oh, and he loves answering fire away!

Director, Broker, Insurance Advisor
John Waters

John has been working tirelessly to provide outstanding financial services to his clients for over three decades without burning himself to a crisp.

With an unwavering focus on his clients and strong work ethic, John makes everything seem easy and effortless (spoiler, it’s not!). 

His Financial Planning experience enables him to see beyond the immediate need to provide a holistic approach to your goals. He is one of the hardest working professionals in the industry and never fails his clients.

 Experienced, seasoned and consistent…. simply the best. 

Client Services
Ashley Lambourne

Ashley is our Client Services Manager. You’ll hear from her during most engagements you have with us.


She provides direct support to our other team members so that we can consistently deliver our outstanding service. She is an absolute delight to have on our team and we can’t wait for you to meet her.

Ashley loves to help people. Our clients are people, so she’s a perfect fit.

Administration Support
Georgia Gillingham

Georgia is another of our Admin Support professionals.


She makes sure that all the loan applications are entered, vetted, correct, submitted, followed up, documented, booked and settled.

Her depth of knowledge and maturity far exceeds her years……. we suspect that she’s some sort of time traveller or something.

Georgia’s style is a refreshing blend of old fashioned hard work, accountability and consistent excellence. She’s a rare find and an essential part of our team.

The JP team.

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