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Of our many years working in the finance industry, we’ve seen all the weird and wonderful ways people are told how to ‘own their home sooner’. There are certainly some interesting, aggressive, complex and perhaps risky ways to achieve this, but they’re only suitable or even possible for a relatively small number of people. We think there’s a lot to be said for “Keep it Simple” – the irony is, the “Simple” is not always obvious or acted upon.

This is where we come in. We have some very simple, yet very effective ways to help you pay off your home loan sooner and we’d love to share those with you, help you put them in place and keep you on track so you can forget about it and focus on all the other, probably more important and interesting things in your life.

As valued clients of ours, we’d like to offer you access to our My Mortgage Minimiser Program completely free of charge. We’ll do all the hard work and you reap the rewards – sound good? If so, then welcome and let’s begin.


Below are the four simple elements that we will help you to establish and maintain. If you follow these simple concepts, you will most certainly own your home sooner. And the best part, once it’s set up, you can forget all about it – we’ll make sure things keep ticking along as they should and you’ll have the peace of mind that if something should go horribly wrong, you’ll have the best possible protection in place.

1. Review your loan structure

  • For most people, a simple ‘set and forget’ structure is the most effective in reducing interest and owning your home sooner

  • Free your home loan from your day to day banking. Seeing how much you owe on your home loan every day is, frankly, a massive bummer and doesn’t motivate you to get rid of it sooner.

  • Arrange for a salary split with your payroll to make your repayments directly to your loan or offset so you don’t even see the money coming out of your account

  • Now put it out of your mind knowing that you have a self-operating structure and regular monitoring in place to keep it all working – you feel better already don’t you?

We will review your current loan(s) and give you advice and assistance to put in place the most effective structure to allow you to pay your loan off sooner.



2. Set a home loan repayment budget

  • Set an extra repayment over your minimum, no matter how small, and forget about it. Making even seemingly small regular payments can make a big difference

  • If you have your structure set up right, setting the amount and letting it do it’s thing is easy and stress free

We will show you how even just a small increase in your repayments can make a big difference in paying off your home and tell you exactly how to set it up for maximum results.

3. Review your Safety Net

  • What’s the point of setting up a structure to help you own your home sooner if you don’t protect it or your family?

  • Understanding your Safety Net cover and plugging any holes is essential to making sure that you and your family don’t lose your home should you lose your income, or worst still, your life.

We will review your current Safety Net cover and provide assistance to put in place the best structure to protect you and your family from losing your home due to loss of income or life.

4. Keep the banks honest

  • Keeping an eye on your interest rate is very important. Over time, you will invariably be subject to ‘rate creep’ if you’re not vigilant

  • The best outcome is to ensure that your interest rate remains within market parameters for as long as you have the loan

  • If you’re going to refinance, don’t reset your loan term out to another 30years or you’ll never pay the thing off – you’d be surprised how often that happens.

This sounds like basic common sense, and it is, but I guarantee it won’t stay at the top of your mind for long, you’ve got more important things in life to keep you busy.

We will review your rates every six months and negotiate with your bank on your behalf if we find them getting out of step with the overall market. If we have a situation where the bank won’t come to the party and its worth your while to go elsewhere, we’ll take care of everything for you and ensure that the new loan is structured correctly so you can continue to paid it off with no disruption.


Put simply, you can forget about your home loan and we’ll keep it ticking along as it should be.


So, there it is – it’s that simple. If this sounds like something you’d like to take advantage of, just let us know and we’ll reach out and get you sorted in no time.

My Mortgage Minimiser Program 2024

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