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Protect the ones you love.

Your ability to maintain an income is your most valuable asset. If you lose it, you lose everything….. pretty heavy stuff, hey?

You don’t need to worry about it though, because you can insure it. How good it that?


As the name suggests, a Life Insurance policy will provide a lump sum payout to those you leave behind.


The money can be used to pay off the home and provide financial support so that your family is protected.


An income protection policy provides a monthly benefit should you not be able to work due to illness or accident, so you can get on with getting better without stressing about paying your bills.


A TPD policy pays a lump sum benefit should you become Totally and Permanently Disabled. Combined with Income Protection, a TPD Policy can give you full cover should you suffer from a major accident or illness which prevents you from returning to work.


A trauma policy provides a lump sum benefit on diagnosis of a serious medical condition. The payment is made on diagnosis only and not dependant on any inability to work. This cover provides an immediate financial relief so you can concentrate on recovery.

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