Get paid for your invoices IMMEDIATELY with NO RECOURSE should your debtor fail to pay!

Do you operate a business who provides products and services to other businesses?

Do you invoice your clients after providing the products and/or services and wait for them to pay you?


Do you ever take out debtor finance arrangements?

Are you nervous about your client’s capacity to pay your invoices on time?

Is your business reliant on the timely payment of your outstanding invoices?

If you have answered YES to ANY of these questions, you need to read on – if you have answered YES to ALL of these questions, you need to take action now!


We have a facility which enables you to be paid within 24 hrs of issuing your invoices. The money you receive is clear and guaranteed funds. Your funds are yours irrespective of your client’s ability to pay.


Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. It’s actually very simple:

You pick and choose which invoices you wish to add this option to and you maintain your own accounting systems – this is NOT a replacement to any of your current systems.


How does it work? 

1. You invoice your client and include an option to pay immediately or on terms

2. If your client chooses to pay on terms, they are directed to our facilitator who will provide the terms (3 months interest free or up to 12 months on terms)

3. Upon approval (within 24 hrs), your client will be given their payment terms and you will receive your money

4. Our facilitator will, of course, hold a small percentage of the invoice as payment for their service (typically around 5%-6%). You are free to present your invoice with a surcharge to offset the merchant fee should you wish

5. You now have full and complete access to your money. If your client subsequently cannot pay our facilitator, you are not penalised – you have completely eliminated your risk

The benefits of this funding option are immense:


  • Your invoice is paid immediately

  • Your income is guaranteed and secure

  • You completely eliminate all risk of bad debt

  • You can enhance your client relationship by offering them more flexibility in payment terms


This is simply an essential ingredient to your business in the current climate. If you want your business to survive, you must secure and guarantee your income. We can do that for you.