Car & Personal Loans

Personal Loans…

JP Partners Financial will look to compare through the maze of products and lenders to help give you an effective solution.


Part of our process when considering a personal loan, will be to make sure this type of facility is the most effective solution to suit your needs.


Personal loans come with the option of secured or unsecured, fixed or variable and many options to the loan term available. Let us educate you, as we pride ourselves on making sure our clients are making well educated financial decisions.

Car Loans…

Whether the Car is for personal or business purposes, Allstar finance will look to sort through the many different product options and lenders available to you. Allstar finance will assess your situation to assist with coming up with the most effective strategy to suit your needs.


Types of facilities available for car loans:


  • Personal loans

  • Consumer Loans

  • Hire Purchase facilities

  • Chattel Mortgage

  • Lease

  • Novated Lease

It’s also a good idea to start by understanding your cash flow position and how the repayments may affect your day to day living expenses.

Call one of our advisors to assist you with your financial needs.